The Fiber Friends Tag – An Interview with my Yarn Husband

by Isabella

Posted on May 22, 2020

A few years back there was a tag/challenge going around called the “Fiber Friends Tag.” Basically a 30 or so question interview meant to be asked to someone who is in close relationship with you, the fiber artist. A lot of them were naturally with spouses, but really it could be with anyone – a child, a friend, a parent- who is around you and your yarning. I’ve seen a few people (Knitty Natty and The Crazy Sock Lady) trying to bring the tag back recently and I thought it might be fun to do a video interview with my husband!

JoJo and I are coming up on our 8 year wedding anniversary (!) at the end of this month! He’s been around my crocheting (and knitting) for at least 10 years at this point (and he edits all my podcasts) and I was eager to see how much terminology and whatnot he had retained.

He’s always been super supportive- his confidence in my abilities is literally the reason I even have a business. I didn’t show him any of the questions in advance, I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with what he knew! I definitely wouldn’t do as well on an interview about his job (software programming) or his hobbies (video games and music)!

I hope you enjoy this quick lil interview with my yarn husband. We definitely had a good time, and it was a fun date-night of sorts in these weird pandemic times! I don’t know if you’ll find us as funny as we seem to think we are but…we had a good time!

You can find LOTS more Fiber Friends interviews by searching “fiber friends tag” on YouTube (& I think IGTV? Do you search there? Can you tell I never got into it?)!

I’ve dropped all the questions we used down below the video and in this post if you’re interested in doing the same interview with your significant other! Keep in mind, I definitely didn’t write these! We didn’t like some of them, but stuck to the format for consistency sake!

If you’re doing a video, send it to me! And use #fiberfriendstag !

These are always so cute to watch! Keep in mind, I didn’t come up with these questions (like, the one about sneaking yarn into the house? Or being embarrassed by something who you love loves? Whuuttt?). We just followed the format- you can pick and choose the ones you like and even add your own if you feel like something was missing!


1. How we met & our relationship history?

2. Was I a knitter/crocheter when we met?

3. What is your favourite thing I’ve crocheted/knit for you?

4. What is your favourite thing I’ve crocheted/knit in general?

5. Does it annoy you when I crochet/knit in Public?

6. What is your favorite Fiber Festival you have been to?

7. Do you hate it when I drag you to Yarn Stores?

8. What is the coolest thing you’ve learned about fiber arts?

9. Have you ever wanted to learn how to crochet/knit?

10. Does it bother you when I buy yarn or fiber arts things?

11. What do you think about me podcasting/youtube-ing?

12. Do you know the different weights of yarn?

13. Do you have a favourite yarn dyer or yarn in general?

14. How much do you think an average indie dyed skein of yarn cost?

15. What yarn would you buy me if I asked?

16. How many balls of yarn do you think I could sneak into the house?

17. What goes through your mind when I take you to a Yarn shop/fiber festival/I get yarn in the mail?

18. What do you want me to make you?

19. What thing do you wear the most that I’ve knit you?

20. What do you think of my stash?

21. How does crochet/ knitting help me as a person?

22. How do you explain me being a crocheter/knitter/what I do to other people?

23. Can I yarn bomb the house?

24. Do you know the difference between Knitting/Crochet/spinning/weaving?

25. What do you wish my hobby was if it wasn’t crocheting/knitting?

26. Do I embarrass you when I crochet/knit in public/family functions?

27. What does your family think about all of this?

28. What do I crochet/knit most of?

29. Have you ever watched my podcast?

30. Do you know what these knitting acronyms are? – WIP/FO/K(C)AL/UFO/DPN’s

31. Do you know what a Progress Keeper is?

32. What do you think about my Knitwear/Crochet Design business?

33. Do you have a favorite pattern that I’ve designed?

**Optional: 34. Do you think our child will grow up to be a knitter?

35.  What do you think of when you ask me when I’ll be done and I say ‘Just one more row’?

Follow these or add your own! I can’t wait to see more of these popping up! We obviously had some good laughs during it, and I hope you do too!

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